Pat McCoy


     In November of 1972, Pat was introduced to Wheelchair Basketball as a referree. He was approbated as an official in December of 1972. He worked as an official through the spring of 1986. That fall, Pat was classified as a player for the KC Purple in the Midwest Conference because of a bone disease contracted in his left foot. He has been involved in the NWBA as a player, official, coach, and administrator of the KC Rolling Pioneers, and is one of the founders of the program in Las Vegas, presently known as the Silver Bandits. Pat has been involved in every level of administration in the NWBA. He has been active in almost every committee listed since 1987, including the TSC, The International Competition Committee, and has been a member of the Executive Committee and now Board of Directors since 2002. He has seen the organization through alot of changes and advancements in the last 11 years. He wants to continue to serve the NWBA into the future.