Matt Scott

19 Matt-Scott

     Name: Matt Scott
     Hometown: Southfield, MI
     Age: 28
     Functional Classification: 3.5
     Position: Forward/Guard
     Years playing: 10+ years of national team experience
     Superstitions: I always wear my left shoe backwards during  
     every game.
     Favorite pre-game song: “5 a.m. in Toronto” by Drake
     Favorite athlete: Chauncey Billions
     Team USA Experience prior to 2014:
     Member of various USA National Teams since 2003
     MVP at the U23 World Championships in 2005
     Gold Medalist, U23 World Championships, 2005
     Silver Medalist, World Championships, 2006
     All World Team, World Championships 2010
                                              Bronze Medalist, Paralympics, 2012



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